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Weatherford strengthens its Slickline fleet

Weatherford Slickline Services has chosen Koller to develop and manufacture their new “Medium Duty Slickline Truck”, whose design is exclusive to Weatherford.  The two companies have worked closely together during the entire duration of the project to define and develop the requirements and then the final product.  The result is a unit that is uniquely suited for the Slickline market in Europe, but very applicable to operations all over the world.  “Koller’s engineering and manufacturing departments continually impressed me during the entire development and manufacturing cycle,” said Joel Rodger, Global Business Unit Director for Testing and Production Services.  

Weatherford Medium Duty Slickline Truck

The ultra-compact Slickline unit has a short wheelbase of 10.7 foot, and a container length of only 13 ft.  The container is mounted on a heavy-duty 4x4 chassis from Mercedes, which delivers superior performance in some of the most extreme off road conditions.

The PTO driven winch system is equipped for jobs with 0.092” Slickline up to 7/32” braided line. While very compact, the unit boasts a wide variety of racks and boxes for storing measuring tools and other equipment.  Inside the air-conditioned control room is a Koller hybrid design hydraulic closed loop winch control system, which gives these units the speed and power advantages of hydraulics, but also allows for fine speed control adjustments needed in memory logging applications.

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